UNO Capital is one of the leading citizenship by investment & residence planning companies in Dubai with an excellent reputation for its world-class services

We at UNO Capital, believe the future belongs to those who invent it. One of the best ways to do that is to plan your life's journey well, make sound long-term investments and be at the right place and time. When there are no limitations to travel, work, you have stability - the future becomes what you aspire for.
UNO Capital has been helping clients achieve this for years, as their trusted partner, guide and advisor with a range of plans for Citizenship by Investment and Permanent Residency (PR). Our bespoke services help clients make investments that secure their future and that of their loved ones.
As an exclusive government approved advisory, we expand horizons and blur boundaries. This gives our clients more opportunities than ever to work, travel, invest, live or settle down without limitations.
UNO is not just our name, it is what defines our values. Meaning 'number one' in Spanish – it is what we endeavour to be; what we want our clients to achieve - via strategic capital investments and citizenship services that gives clients the freedom to be where they want to be in one world.
Let's talk. We'll help you protect your future. Today.

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