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Message is a support and contact group for English-speaking parents and parents-to-be living in and around Paris.

Parenting is always an adventure no matter where you are, but parenting far from family and friends - and in a different language and culture - can present challenges that no parent should endure alone. Message provides support and a network for English-speaking parents living in and around Paris. 

  • Over 100 events are held each month for parents and children of all ages: from playdates and get-togethers, to coffees, lunches, professional events and nights out on the town.
  • We have a very active chat forum on our members-only website where we discuss issues big and small and you can always find a friendly, experienced voice.
  • Members can 'find their tribe' via three types of groups: Area groups (by neighborhood), Social groups (by things in common, eg age of children, working parents, dads, etc), Support groups (peer support when we need it most)
  • We also buy, sell and freecycle our previously loved items, share family-friendly activities via "What's On in Paris" and share recommendations for schools, childcare, medical professionals, things to do.
  • We even share stories and tips in a quarterly magazine, printed by and for members and make previous editions available in a special place on our site we like to call 'Gathered Wisdom'. 

Message is 100% volunteer run by our members - busy mamas and papas who appreciate all that this community offers them.

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