Tokyo YMCA International School

2 - 2 - 20 Koto-ku JP 135-
Tokyo, 0016
Japan Voir la carte
+81 336 155 632

Tokyo YMCA International School (TYIS) offers an education based on academic excellence, honesty, respect, responsibility, and the importance of community. Through its multicultural learning environment, TYIS guides its students to develop an awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity and individual acceptance. TYIS strives to foster a positive learning atmosphere, where students will acquire the skills needed to make meaningful contributions to their local community and society as a whole.

All students at TYIS benefit from the rigorous, North American- based academic program as well as from their interactions with students and teachers from different cultures. The grade levels at TYIS are Kindergarten (5 years old by November 30) through 8th grade (13 years old by November 30). At TYIS we strive to give students our very best. Our teachers are diligent, caring, experienced professionals who, through positive interaction both in and out of the classroom, make a special effort to help students reach their full potential. It is our sincere hope that TYIS’s multicultural learning community will enable all our students to develop the academic, interpersonal and leadership skills necessary to achieve great success. We look forward to welcoming you and your family and working together to ensure a bright, successful future for your children.

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