LoanLink24 Mortgage GmbH

There are two complicated things in Germany – humour and mortgages. For the second we have the solution. Getting a mortgage in Germany is now easier than ever before. With LoanLink24. Made in Germany. Designed for expats. And top rated. We deliver quick and easy solutions – and like to get things done within 24 hours.

LoanLink24 is Baufi24's English-language offering for international customers; Loanlink24 Mortgage GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Baufi24 Baufinanzierung AG. LoanLink24 is Germany’s first digital mortgage broker. As an independent broker, LoanLink24 compares the conditions and interest rates of more than 400 banks with the aim of enabling faster mortgage commitments with less bureaucracy. An English speaking team is specialized to advice clients from all over the world. A mortgage approval service, if possible within 24 hours, and a free real estate appraisal complete the offer. The headquarter is Hamburg.

All companies of the Baufi24 Group, which include Kredit24 GmbH, LoanLink Mortgage GmbH and FinLink GmbH, deliver fast and modern solutions in real estate financing. As an independent, founder-managed company, the Baufi24 Group drives innovation in the credit industry and enables a fair, personal and transparent customer experience.

We do German mortgages with the same precision as the Germans. But we smile more. :-)

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