Financial Modelling Videos (Fimovi) enables its customers to develop flexible and robust financial plans and cashflow models based on Microsoft Excel. Fimovi provides a broad range of financial modelling related services for clients across many industry sectors.
- Fimovi’s financial modelling video training courses are “hands-on” with users learning how to build their own model with Excel from scratch.
- Fimovi’s templates and excel tools are designed and built to be flexible, future proof, robust and user‐friendly.
- Fimovi’s practical training services, like seminars and workshops, enable entrepreneurs, corporate clients, and investors to build financial models applying best practices. The tools support and enhance business decisions, transactions and strategies.
What Financial Modelling Videos can do for you
- Ready-to-use Excel tools and templates for corporate planning, budgeting, valuation, cashflow planning and project finance
- Development of individual models, tailor-made to your specific requirements
- Model review, optimization and audit
- Seminars and workshops

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