YAP is a neobank focused wholly on improving the digital banking experience. We function as an independent app with no physical branches, making it the first of its kind in the UAE. YAP helps you take control of your finances – whether it's spend analytics, payments, transfers or budgeting – allowing you to manage money in a way you haven’t before. 


YAP makes it easy to pay, track, exchange and move your money around. It provides a more personal banking experience, where you can easily manage money over multiple parts of your life and even across international borders. Designed for both local convenience and global freedom, YAP makes it equally easy to pay bills and split tabs with friends, as to transfer money to other countries or keep multiple currencies at hand at the best exchange rates possible. 


YAP is both a smart tool for everyday life and a personal pathway to financial illumination, helping you achieve a more mindful and relaxed lifestyle in all money matters. YAP takes your financial mindset to a new level, and makes you smarter about money.

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