Erbprinzenstr. 27
Karlsruhe, 76133
Germany Näytä kartta
+49 7 212 039 990

You want to spend some time studying abroad and you are wondering where to go?

 Well, why not dive right into the heart of Europe? Why not go to Karlsruhe, less than an hour’s drive away from France, Switzerland, and other major German cities like Heidelberg, Freiburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, with many European destinations easily accessible from the city’s own airport?

 Not only does Karlsruhe offer first-class opportunities for research and study (boasting one of Germany’s oldest and most renowned universities), but interestingly, the second part of the name Karlsruhe means „serenity“ and for many people, this is symbolic for the laid-back lifestyle you will find here: the surrounding nature with the Black Forest to the south and the vineyards of Palatinate to the west, the vibrant city centre with its numerous cafes, bars and restaurants that during the summer months become packed with people enjoying the lovely climate (after all, situated in the sun-spoiled Rhine valley, Karlsruhe is one of the warmest places in Germany ), the uniqueness of the architectural plan of the city - designed to look like a fan with all the major streets leading like sunrays to the centrally located baroque castle with its beautiful park and garden.

A 5 minute walk from there you will find our school - right in the centre of Karlsruhe. We are looking forward to welcoming you. Our team of teachers and our students come from all over the world and we will help you ease into life here supporting you with any queries you may have regarding your stay, your studies and -last but not least -  the language. It is our mission to make your time worthwhile.

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