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Rue Paul Tavernier, 3.
Fontainebleau, 77300
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+33 (0)164 707 805

After 12 years of experience within the INSEAD housing market, has become the VIRTUAL CAMPUS.

The Virtual Campus is open to all landlords, agents or agencies with only one criteria: a strict respect for the quality demanded by the charte. 
Our goal is to provide and to maintain the best possible house selection and to provide a trusted partner that will help and support students in booking and rental process. 
The Virtual Campus provides complete online rental services for those future INSEAD students unable to come to the Fontainebleau area to look for their housing themselves, before the start of their school year, due to financial constraints or work commitments. 
We provide a user friendly site, multi support, with an agent ready to lead you step by step through the reservation process. We make finding your new home a pleasure. 
We are an English speaking organisation, which makes communicating your needs much easier and clearer. 

A unique collection of Studio, Apartments, Houses, Shared houses and Château's, validated by a charte that qualifies and controls each property. 

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