Cantaleum Zürich - Bilingual Day School in Zurich

Oberer Heuelsteig, 15,
Zürich, 8032
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Bilingual Day School with an Emphasis on Music

The Cantaleum School Zurich is aimed at children and young people who love music. Our goal is to provide high quality, age-appropriate educational and musical advancement to children, aged 4 to 16. The academic foundation is based on the curriculum of the Canton of Zürich.

There are currently no schools in the Zürich area offering a combined intensive musical and academic training in the same educational institution. There is nothing available that systematically combines the special dynamic that comes from playing music together in a group within a school environment. Many children cannot fully develop their musical talent at school and receive little social appreciation for their musical interest. Arts- and sports-focused schools are available from secondary school on, with young people who play music making up about one-fifth of the cohort. New possibilities arise when children are able to not only play music together but also learn together.

The success factors of Cantaleum Zürich can be summarised in the following four ways:

  • Reinforcement of learning: positive transfer effect of intensive music and singing lessons

  • Motivation through sense of community: social acceptance, competence and experience in self-governance

  • Orientation towards top achievement: two-way stimulation, both musically and academically

  • Individualisation of requirements: discovery-oriented learning, not under-challenging or overly demanding


Main features of the Cantaleum school model

  • Kindergarten to 6th grade (and later, through 9th grade), transition to high school (Gymnasium) or vocational education (Berufsbildung)

  • All-day school: supervision from 7:00 to 18:00

  • Challenging, age-appropriate music and singing lessons, which are integrated into the schedule as well as in addition to the lessons; boys' and girls' choir, facilitation of instrument playing

  • Close cooperation with the Zürich Boys' Choir (ZSK) and the Girls' Choir Zürich

  • Bilingual (German and English)

  • Denominationally and ideologically neutral


Patronage Committee

  • Alphons von Aarburg; Founder, Artistic Director, Choirmaster Zurich Boys' Choir
  • Michael Bühler; Director Zurich Chamber Orchestra
  • Priska Brülhart-Kissling; Member of the Education Council in Canton Zurich
  • Daniel Fueter; Composer, Pianist, Author, form. Head of University for Music and Theater Zurich
  • Philippe Jordan; Music Director Opéra National de Paris, Chief Conductor Wiener Symphoniker
  • Dr. Andrea F.G. Raschèr; Expert in Cultural Politics and Art Law Raschèr Consulting
  • Ilona Schmiel; Director Tonhalle-Gesellschaft-Zürich (Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich)
  • Dr. Ulrike Stedtnitz; Expert in Talent fostering, General-Director stedtnitz design your life.
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan C. Wolter; Director Suisse coordination office for educational research SKBF
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