VKPAK located in Shanghai, forefront city of China, the Chinese economic, financial, trading and shipping center. We are not only proud of high quality of our machine, but also our excellent customer service. In order to provide one stop efficient purchasing service, VKPAK, started from labeling machine manufacturer, also invested and shared several factories from filling machine, capping machine and packing machine. Our research and development engineers can make professional solution for the customized machines according to client’s various requirements in all kind of industries like food and beverage, cosmetics, chemical, pesticide, information, communication etc. Give suitable packing solution to meet your needs is our advantage and mission.

We focuese on liquid bottle filling solutions for all types and shapes of packages. if your requirement filling machines for your production process, we can provide simple or proper solution to suit your specific applications.

VKPAK is a professional and reliable manufacturer of bottle filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine . We are providing quality packing solutions for bottle filling and packing in the industries of home care and personal care , foodstuff, agrochemical , chemical and lubricate oil for liquids, cream/ointment, fluid and half-fluid, powders, and granules products.

With years experience and development, We have Obtained ISO9001 quality management system authentication and parts of our products have passed CE authentication.

Integrating R&D, manufacture, marketing ,and service in one, we provide complete production line from bottle feeding, washing, filling, capping/sealing, labeling , cartooning.

We offer the machines and the lines with great impact for your product quality and productivity.

We are sincerely looking forward for your contact.

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