A Shop for Hyundai parts online without any hassle here at www.ereautos.com. A China manufacturer of car parts, truck parts, Chinese car parts and components for Joint venture cars, American cars, Korean cars, BUICK, CHEVROLET, HYUNDAI, KIA, TOYOTA Cars/Automotives, Ningbo ERE Autos, an ISO9001 certified entity, supplier of Chinese car parts, truck parts, SUV parts, automotive parts, plastic car parts, Hyundai lamps, Hyundai head lamps, rear view mirrors ...

Ningbo ERE Auto Parts Imp & Exp Co., Ltd, since 2005, is an ISO9001 certifed company which makes car parts, truck parts, accessories and components and sells them in China or in overseas markets. Meanwhile, our company has a large stocks of consumable usual parts and components in some of developed European countries for any requirement of immediate shipments, such as fog lamps, head lamps, crankshafts, connecting rods, diverse plastic parts, rear view mirrors, nylon hoses, clutch parts, switches, oil sensors, etc. For Korean cars(Hyundai ,Kia,etc), Japanese cars(Toyota,Honda,etc), German(Volkswagon) cars and American cars. Most of these car parts are high quality replacements made of good materials according to high standards, and some of these parts are originl parts which you can feel free to buy, or you can buy any quantity to begin the business with us.

    More information ,you can visite our website to find more production ,and if you want us to customize the private production ,contact us. We are pleased to service you and to produce the goods what you need.  We mainly produce Hyundai Kia parts now, this year we plan to produce more brand car products, if you have any needs, please contact us, we will produce your desired products according to your needs, and then you are welcome to send us a private letter to understand each other, we are very keen to become your business partner.

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