Open Weaver India Private Limited

MGR Main Rd, 11
Chennai, 600096
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+91 (0)9 174 773 977

Open Weaver is a SaaS tech company revolutionizing digital development. With kandi, our flagship product, developers create applications faster by reusing libraries, APIs, and code snippets. Kandi analyzes 650M+ knowledge items to help choose the right components. Over 3 million developers use it, saving 1.09 billion development hours. We prioritize innovation, customer focus, and agility. Open Weaver's platforms employ open source, generative AI, and no code. They've saved over a billion development hours. Our three pillars are knowledge reuse, AI integration, and scalable architectures. We nurture young developers through the Open Weaver Community and hold a strong patent portfolio. Our mission is to be the go-to platform for global developers in the digital future. 

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