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Speaking a new language is a gateway to freedom - it opens up new possibilities in a person's life! After having landed in Switzerland and trying to settle in, a language course can cause additional stress. Therefore, a pleasant learning environment and an individualized approach are essential in achieving one's integrational goals. VOX makes language learning an enjoyable journey of unlocking your speaking potential. No lesson at VOX will leave you without a burning sensation in your mouth from speaking so much. 

The in-house customer success management department ensures that the course provides what students need precisely, be it learning to speak in everyday life, improving spoken or written communication in a job, or preparing for an official exam in Switzerland. VOX Language School was established as a high-quality language teaching institution with a mission to provide our students with what other schools struggle with: an efficient way to start speaking a foreign language without wasting time. 

Speaking is the most natural and oldest function of the language; thus, it must be prioritized. One cannot learn to speak without speaking, same as one cannot learn to play a musical instrument just by listening to music or reading notes and without actively playing the instrument. One needs to develop brain-muscle connections that are responsible for the correct movements. Often, after finishing a course, where people are forced to learn in a very passive way by listening, reading, and writing, one still has to learn to speak. Fostering speaking requires completely different strategies than just understanding, reading, and writing, where a person has enough time to find the right solution. When speaking, it's necessary to apply techniques that prompt instantaneous reactions where one doesn't have enough time to come up with an answer; it has to be a gut reaction. 

The VOX method of teaching is about programming a student's subconsciousness with short and concise operational thoughts. Equipped with such powerful tools, you will start speaking right away. The method focuses on correct linguistic structures explained in a straightforward and fun way and on motivation, psychology, learning efficiency, and most importantly, speaking and pronunciation. At VOX, the student is the one who talks the most. 

VOX tutors are all specialists with a university background and an immense talent in linguistics. They are all trained to give high-quality lessons with a very individualized approach to every student and to put a strong emphasis on speaking and pronunciation. In a rare case when the vibes between the teacher and the student don't work, it's always possible to request a different teacher.

VOX offers German courses in Zurich, Winterthur, and online for people who have just landed in Switzerland. For the language lovers, we also provide English, French, Swiss-German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, or even Ancient Greek courses, to name a few. Check out our page to see the full range of the languages and offers. 

What do we offer? 

  • Highest quality private and group classes for adults, in-person online language courses, in-company courses, official exam preparation classes 

What makes us unique?

  • Speaking and pronunciation at the core of our teaching way

  • Only small groups of 3-5 people in offline classes and 2-4 students in online courses

  • Only teachers with a university education and talent in linguistics

  • Fast progress: at VOX, you cover the whole level in 1 to 3 months

  • Innovative and comprehensive teaching method consisting of motivational, psychological, pronunciation, and learning technique aspects

  • Highly individualized and flexible approach to every single student - the course will be tailored to your personal needs

  • Amazing historic offices in the very heart of Zurich at Zurich Central and Winterthur Main Station with a warm and cozy home-like atmosphere

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