Beauty Begins With Science

We, at Dermatouch, believe in science. There is no room for error in the modern world, where everything moves at top speed. Due to lifestyle choices and external factors like stress, pollution, excessive exposure to the sun, and hormonal imbalance, everyone is encountering skin-related issues like acne, sun damage, pigmentation, dark circles, and dull & damaged skin.

Dermatouch specialises in Dermocosmetics. We strive to bring skincare solutions backed by scientifically proven actives and formulations. Our products are formulated after a lot of research and strenuous study to address and alleviate skin-related issues.

We strung together a strong team of skilled & experienced dermatologists who work meticulously to concoct the perfect formulations for our products. All the ingredients are researched and studied thoroughly in order to find the best possible additive.

All the ingredients are dermatological tested and sourced with care. The formulations are tested in clinical settings to guarantee safety and results. All Dermatouch products are developed after a painstaking process to ensure that our customers get the perfect solution to their skin issues and are satisfied with the results. Our customers are our top priority and we work endlessly to...

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