FieldAssist is a Sales Automation platform to catalyze the empowerment of field sales teams and power smarter sales decisions with the aim of spurring growth both in the short and long term.

FieldAssist as, an ecosystem helps

  • Your Field Team - with a seamless order booking experience with related info available at hand through its field app known for simplicity.

  •  Your distributor - with a better way to track orders and inventory at any time to run operations smoothly

  •   Manager/Leadership team - with a better way to manage, monitor, and optimize sales operations through one of a kind app for managers.

FieldAssist in Highlights

  • 350+ Leading brands across FMCG, Apparel and CPG industries trusting us with their sales automation needs

  •  Trained and Certified 40000+ field salespersons on Sales Force Automation

  • Covered 4,500,000 Unique Outlets


  •  Digital Ordering - Obtain higher flexibility with outlet and SKU wise ordering while also providing accurate stock information about each SKU in real-time.

  • Measure Productivity - Powerful productivity indices like beat efficiency, adherence to plans, times spent at points of sale and analytics helps sales reps self-assess themselves and improve performance over a period of time

  • Catalogue Sync - Display products using the digital catalog which is synced with the main server in real-time to instantly update any changes in product lists or specifications.

  •  Predictive Analytics - Advanced predictive analytics helps sales reps suggest orders based on ordering history of the point of sale.

  •  Instant Custom Surveys- Feel the market pulse with field surveys which can be instantly created and customized by your sales reps.


  • Real-time Field Insights - Obtain data on itineraries adopted by sales reps with the sequential listing of outlets along with time spent at each sales call.

  • Sales Performance Reporting - Automatically generate periodic reports measuring the performance of your sales team allowing you to recalibrate your sales team deployment strategy to derive the best results. Get performance reports with a periodicity of daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

  • Sales Coverage - Use the power of visualization and analytics to get an instant insight into your sales coverage in a particular area of operation.

  • Get insights about your customer outlets at your fingertips. Keep track of each outlet and associated sales histories to gain a deeper understanding into the relationship and know when to upsell.

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