Full Immigration Service Holland

Whether it involves matters of the heart or business related immigration issues.

​​F.I.S.H. is made to assist where possible and give the information you desire regarding immigration to the Netherlands. F.I.S.H. can not always give you the answer you would like to hear, but F.I.S.H. will give the best possible strategy though.  

F.I.S.H. is manned by a consultant. You will get the same expertise as with a lawyer, but at an affordable rate. F.I.S.H. is fair and also flexible regarding costs.


​​At F.I.S.H. we are passionate about immigration. This due to our own experience both professionaly (working with the IND)  and personally. If you would like to benefit from a professional and affordable view towards your immigration challenge, go to www.immigrationserviceholland.com and contact us.

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