AM Law Firm is one of the growing law firms in Egypt, that has helped clients to achieve their goals through combining the highest global standards with local expertise. AM Law Firm provides legal advising and solutions to meet the most highly needs of customers through dedication, hard work, and wide experiences. We are dedicated to increase the productivity of our clients by using our knowledge and expertise while acting as their “trusted advisors and lawyers.”

Moreover, the philosophy of AM Law Firm; is to work on the problems hardly in order to find the most suitable solution, and to provide practical advice and reasonable alternatives. AM Law Firm has always succeed in understanding its Clients and the nature of their operations and we believe that our clients value these qualities. 


The objective of AM Law Firm is to utmost customization of legal solutions with wide-reaching perception and to provide best legal assistance to our clients. Our grand expertise that spans over eight years in all practice areas, which enables us to provide a sustainable top-quality legal service to a wide variety of foreign trade agencies, multinational companies, and institutions; we continue our expansion with steady steps:

1)  Litigation

2)  Arbitration

3)  Corporate Disputes

4)  Competition

5)  Anti-Dumping and Subsidies

6)  Consumer Protection

      7)  Compliance Program

     8)   Intellectual Property (IP)

     9)   Oil and Gas

    10)  Mergers and Acquisition

    10)  Labor and Employment

    11)  Manufacturing

    12)  Banking and Financial Institutions

    13)  Projects and Infra Structure

    14)  Real Estate and Construction

    15)  Commercial agencies and Distribution

    16)  Telecom and IT

    17)  Taxation

    18)  Tourism and Travel Services

    19) Media network and television broadcast

    20) Immigration services and Expats resident in Egypt

In Addition, we provide professional translation from English to Arabic; as well as financial services through our sister firms under the umbrella of "AM Law Group.” 

    Ayman Abdallah
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     Ayman Abdallah

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