Company is working in Immigration and company formation business. Our main services are:

  • Residence permit in Latvia(Europe) - Temporary and Permanent via employment or investment in Latvia.

- Employment at Latvian company;

- Studies at Latvian university;

- Investment in real estate 250 000 EUR;

- Investment in company 35 000 EUR;

  • Schengen visas - single and multiple entry;

- Multiple entry schengen visa for Board member of Latvian company;

- Multiple entry schengen visa for Representative of Representative office of your foreign company;

- Multiple entry schengen visa for business partner of Latvian company; 

  • European and offshore companies;

- Latvian company with or w/out VAT for trading or Holding with bank account in Latvia;

- Scottish companies with Latvian bank account;

- Other European and offshore companies;

  • Bank accounts in Europe;

- Bank account in European bank accounts;

  • Insurance

We also offer introduction with Latvian universities, job market, schools etc.

For more information, please contact us at [...] or call +371 29923147. Or visit our Webpage:



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