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If You Are in Immigration Court Proceedings, or If you are inadmissible, or if you are overwhelmed by the paper work (document preparation) or if you are encountering delays most frequently, or convected by the US Immigration officer, or you are in removal preceding, you must have hired an experienced immigration attorneys. Those immigration cases are much complex and common people not understand the depth meaning of those laws. However, when the alien is applying for an immigration visas, green card, or to work in the United States, approval from DOL, Request for evidence and many more document preparation professional immigration lawyer only simplified the process. Most of the new immigrants make a mistake or some circumstances alien is ignoring the laws and make a mistake, it's not a sin, but it's illegal and possible to file a case. To prevent these type of immigration mistakes, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) highly recommended that take a legal consulting from U.S consulate or experienced Immigration attorney. Although some numerous situation, everyone must have legal assistance from lawyer.
Gehi and associates is a law firm serving to the people for the last 13 years and fighting to get immigration benefits from USCIS. The Gehi law firm is member of (AILA) American Immigration Lawyers Association and giving awareness through online social media and offline local TV channels. The professional lawyers who is working with the Gehi law firm has extensive experience in all legal matters especially sophisticated in family laws, divorce, battered spouse, fight to obtain a green card, request for evidences and battered spouse cases. If you or any other immigrant or local US citizens face any legal problems just refer Gehi and associates for a free consultation. For the user convenience Gehi and associates  launched another branch at Ozone park, New York and the main branch is in Forest hills, NY. The NYC lawyers can able to communicate in English, Hindi, Spanish, German, Bengali, Nepali and other popular languages as well.  

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