Foreigner in Chile provides Immigration Services and Business Start-Up Assistance for Expats coming to live in Santiago de Chile.

Available procedures for both the Principal and their Dependents (family who doesn’t work):

  • Procurement of Investment RUT
  • Tourist Visa Extension
  • Work Permit as a Tourist
  • Work Permit on Visa in process
  • Subject to Contract Visa
  • Temporary VisasPermanent Residence Visas
    • Visa for foreigners with links to Chileans.
    • Visa for children of non-resident foreigner.
    • Visa for foreigners with family ties to family with permanent residence.
    • Visa for ex residents.
    • Visa for pensioners and annuitants
    • Visa for investors or merchants.
    • Visa for professionals and technicians; non-professionals paid outside the country
    • Visa Mercosur
  • Registration of Visas
  • Procurement of Identity Card or RUN/Tax number for foreigners


Business or Tourism Visa to other countries

  • Visa application for foreigners with residence in Chile, to other countries

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