Being an accredited migration agent in Sydney, there is no where you would want to go to when it comes to obtaining Visa for your travel, business, partner, work permits or probably studying in Australia. We know how stressful it gets when it comes to obtaining a visa by yourself where you are to put across the right papers, ensure that everything is in place and any glitch would result in rejection. 

Being one of the choicest immigration agents and consultants in Australia, this is where we come to your rescue by providing you with the right assistance. We believe in helping you with a stress free visa application and we stand by you right from the beginning. Right from putting up the right papers along with the application to handing out the final documents we stay there to receive positive results. 

Why choose us? 

  • We help you prepare in pre lodgement. 
  • We gather all required documents 
  • We help in the application process. 
  • We assist in organising medicals and skills assessments. 
  • We attend and assist in AAT hearings. 
  • We advise you on your visa conditions and entitlements. 
  • We lodge the application on your behalf. 
  • We deal with the department of immigration on your behalf. 
  • We check your visa status. 
  • We notify you of updates and progress of your visa application and making sure you are satisfied with the pre and post application processes.

Our Services 

  • Student Visa 
  • Partner Visa 
  • Business visa 
  • Travel Visa 
  • Work permit Visa

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