Off-the-beaten track experiences and breathtaking journeys are what Trunk Travel is all about. Getting into the beating heart of the countries you visit and leaving a lasting impression makes a trip much more meaningful and with Trunk Travel, you can do just that. We specialise in engineering travel packages that cater to the needs of even the most intrepid of travelers. You’ll get a chance to explore places you never thought existed and you’ll get to fully enjoy a serene travel experience away from the throbbing tourist crowds. Here at Trunk, we pride ourselves on maintaining high tour guide standards to give our clients the best service possible.


We’ve been operating tours in Asia for more than 40 years and initially started as a behind-the-scenes tour operator. From there, our success has grown and allowed us to transform into a travel giant that’s partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry. What separates Trunk Travel from other destination management companies is our commitment to supporting Asia’s rescued elephant population and promoting responsible travel. Our travel packages are not only designed to exceed your expectations, but also allow you to leave a positive impression on each destination you arrive at.


Trunk Travel is dedicated to supporting future elephant projects that nurture their overall health and well-being. You’ll get an opportunity to be a part of a bigger cause and support ethical elephant tourism as you visit Asia’s beautiful countries like Thailand, Cambodia, India, and Vietnam. More than 10,000 travelers have trusted Trunk Travel and we’ve helped them contribute to local communities and wildlife they’ve encountered, all while making their dream tours come true. From the moment you inquire to the moment we say goodbye after your trip, you’re guaranteed to come back for more life-changing experiences. For more information on our full range of services, contact Trunk Travel today.

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