What are Travellers with Time about?

Travellers With Time is about taking the time, however long that is, to immerse yourself in life, wherever you are. In fact, we call ourselves Immersive travellers. What do we mean by ímmersive travel’?

To us, immersive travel is about taking your time to experience EVERYTHING there is to experience. Its not rushing from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, but slowly exploring, experiencing and witnessing.

Its sitting in a restaurant and ordering off a menu written in a language you can’t read. Crossing your fingers that what you’ve ordered isn’t something completely strange.

It’s sitting on a local bus, hoping you’re going to end up where you want and having amazing locals step up to help guide you and make sure you find your way.

Its celebrating festivals with locals in small communities, dancing the night away while they cover your face in talcum powder.

Really its getting off the beaten tourist track and delving deeply into a country and culture.

The beauty of immersive travel is that you can do this with any time frame. The ‘time’ in Travellers With Time, isn’t meant to imply that you need to travel indefinitely, or that you need to live in a particular location for an extended period. You can immerse yourself in your location over a weekend, or a week. Maybe you take a few weeks to deeply explore a region. The choice is yours.

Our aim with this blog is to provide you with everything you need to plan your own amazing immersive experience.

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