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Japan Custom Tours

We are passonite about Japan, and that is all we do - not the rest of the world, not Asia, just Japan!

Japan Custom Tours is designed to provide just that - a tour custom built for your requirements.  Our aim is to let you experience Japan and the experiences that many people love about the country.  We travel with you on the tours around Japan and are there to remove the hurdles that might prevent you from making the most of your time, helping you with things that can be difficult on your trip or while travelling independently - particularly away from the main cities.

We strive to offer experiences that are not available on standard organised tours and that would be difficult for you to achieve as a first time traveller to Japan.  This includes limiting the size of the group, making sure that you have enough time to look at what you want and not being rushed around. This means you can expect to swap a few emails with us before deciding on a tour rather than simply clicking on a generic "book now" button, and we look forward to working with you.

Japan Custom Tours is registered in New Zealand (company number 1580698) and we are based in Tokyo, Japan.  Our office in Tokyo is located in Shinkuku - 東京都新宿区歌舞伎町2-25-8 (スイート 411).

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