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Tourists who visit Bali will have unforgettable moments when they spend their time there, especially in Ubud. Here, tourists can enjoy the time by trying to new tour offered. This tour is biking the Ubud Tourism Village by using electric bicycle or mostly known as ebikes Bali. This bicycle is designed for biking which completed by the electrical energy which can be activated when the bikers are tired to paddle. To get this, some bicycle rentals are available to rent it by completed by the guide.

By using ebikes Bali, usually it will take about two or three hour’s trip. Tourists are invited to cycle going across the mountain. The most well-known visited place is Tegalalang. It is known as the UNESCO heritage in rice terrace field. Tourists will be spoiled by the green wide rice field. Then, tourists are urged to go to tea or coffee garden. Some of guide will invite the tourists to directly interact when the field or garden are in harvesting time, but it depends on the rental that you use the services.Even though the tourists cannot get chance to be able to harvest, usually they will be invited to enjoy the tea or coffee time there.

The destination is surely in mountain, but never think that this will be a hard trip you will do. The guide will show you the best way to get there and it will suit to you even you are seldom having exercise. Biking using ebikes Baliis an exciting activities where you can enjoy the Bali intact by little bit doing sport, but it emphasizes more on the natural trip, not the sport trip. Let’s spend your mesmerizing trip and holiday by biking in Ubud!


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