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“Though we follow a structured route, every trip is a new adventure.

Even after 15 years, with every new unique group, we still discover a new dirt-track, a new goat-path, a new Beach...That’s what adventure is all about!

That’s why we love what we do!”

Cyprus: A place that intermingles thousands of years of history and culture into modern everyday existence; A mosaic of dazzling mountains and mystical forests; pristine beaches and crystal clear waters; Traditional villages alongside world-class business centres. This is an island so vast in contrasts, yet, so easy to experience... 

A mere short drive from one’s hotel in any direction and one finds oneself within a myriad of undiscovered realities! Are you are a nature lover with a passion for herbs and rare species of fauna and flora? Do you enjoy crystal clear beaches where few have seldom swum? Mountains? Waterfalls? Authentic Villages?  Medieval castles and Byzantine churches? Do you love the “road-less-travelled” and truly wish to discover the hidden treasures of Cyprus ? If your answer is “yes” then you are without a doubt the perfect candidate for an Eco-Tour Adventure! ...   

“Cyprus EcoTour Adventures” specialises in on-and-off-the-road expeditions especially catered towards coastal and mountain adventures. With a state-of-the-art 4 x 4 Land Rover Defender and a very experienced, knowledgeable, and funny EcoTour leader, you are guaranteed a “day-in-the-sticks” that you will never forget! EcoTour Adventures promises you sights-and-sounds-and-tastes of the wilderness that your average tourist will never get to experience. An All-in-all great day out that will leave you with lots of unexpected surprises and many fond memories of what the island of Cyprus truly is!



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