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Join Bustravel for tours into the cold night of the Icelandic winter as we go in search of a chance to witness the elusive northern lights, a breath-taking display of just how mysterious nature can be!

The Northern Lights, is a naturally occurring light display that is commonly seen in high latitude locations. The northern lights have captured the imaginations of people throughout the world and there are quite  number of stories and meanings associated with them.

At Bustravel we call these tours a "hunt" for the northern lights and we really mean it because  the northern lights can be difficult to pin down but thankfully we have northern lights specialists on our tours team who read the weather data throughout the day. Thanks to their knowledge mixed with our team in the field looking for early signs of the lights and a little visit from lady luck allow, we are able get you to where the northern lights are likely to be and hopefully get you a great sighting. For those nights however where we are not so lucky we do offer you a chance to reschedule tours and join us again! We are determined to make sure you see the northern lights!

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