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Ecuador, an interestiong, small Andean country in South America is one of the most mega-diverse, due to it´s weather, geography and location on the Equator. With four different climatological regions in such an small country, you will experience not only the variation in temperature, flora and fauna, but also the change of cultural features from one region to the other. Andean Adventures can take you from high Andean volcanic peaks to lowland tropical rainforest or to the coastal region and shoreline, full of long, clean, warm, espectacular beaches.

But wait this is just the beggining!

Your adventure can continue to the renowned Galapagos Islands, which is a unique, once in a lifetime experience.

Distances in Ecuador are relatively short, leaving more time for adventure, fun and discovery. Colourful markets, friendly locals and incredible scenic trips makes Ecuador, a fabulous and varied introduction to South America. So hop on! to one of our vacation packages or day trips with our Andean Adventure Team and experience it yourself.

Ecuador, is an adventure you don´t want to miss!

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Andean Adventures. Ecuador is Our Expertise!

Welcome to Andean Adventures, we are a local Ecuadorian family owned company; who decided to bet in our tiny country, but always convinced that Ecuador has a huge and unique potencial for ecotourism due to it´s tremendous diversity.

For several years, we've been custom-making experiences for our guests from all over the globe. Our main goal is to make sure your Ecuador travel is a great success, take memorable experiences and why not! willing to come back in the future.

Come join us on our journey and explore the eternal spring country of Ecuador on the Equator

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