“Palm Republica” is based on principles of quality service, professionalism and flexibility.

The company based in Male’ City offers “Luxury” and “Standard” tourist packages to destinations within the Maldives. Our collective knowledge and experience of the Tourism industry especially in the Maldives enable us to provide high-end products with excellent customer service to all our customers and partners. We are collaborative and flexible with all our partners in order to improve the customer’s journey and standard of service.

Palm Republica’s is different to our competitors because we have an added advantage of not only providing first-class products and excellent service – also our cumulative knowledge has fashioned our management and operations in to seamless efficient style. This resonates in our list of services offering a true relaxed holiday for the customers.

Our employees with numerous years of experience are well versed in all aspects of the Tourism Industry - beginning from development of tour products to support services at the holiday destination. We thrive to resolve issues (regarding holidays in the Maldives) with speed and efficiency. Our wide range of services are not limited to assistance in selecting hotels, safari boats, support services for guests but also includes the following components;

  • Organization of celebrations in the Maldives. This may be a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or honeymoon.

  • Organization of business trips and corporate entertainment.

  • Providing a professional photographer and arranging photo sessions in the Maldives.

  • Organization of a free tour of the capital city Male’ accompanied by our local tour guide.

Palm Republica was established in 2013, however; it is the aforementioned years of experience and knowledge of our team and our close professional relationship with resorts in the Maldives that drives us to continually maintain and improve our service standards. 

Our exceptional knowledge and numerous years of experience in the Tourism Market together with our commitment make Palm Republica an ideal choice for a reliable partner in holiday destination – the Maldives.

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