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Qibla Travels Ltd. provides the best Hajj and Umrah packages in UK, as well as the most cost-effective worldwide flight services. Whether it is a leisure tour or holy visit that you're going for, Qibla Travels offer you world class services to make your journey memorable.

Your complete satisfaction defines our objectives - we want to enrich your travel experience and make it one memorable event for you. With an excellent track record, hundreds of thousands of customers get benefitted from our services, every year. We believe that the best promoter for our business, are our happy and fulfilled clients.  

 Umrah is Arabic word which means visit of Khana Kaabah or Bayt Ullah. Bayt Ullah is the sacred house of ALLAH. It is the uncompelled obligation in Islam to perform at least once in life. Its basic purpose is to worship ALLAH by performing Tawaaf of Khana Kaabah and Sa'i between mount Safa and Marwah. It is necessary for us to cut hair for Umrah. People perform Umrah and choose different kinds of ways to go; sometimes they get the convenient way and pay for it while sometimes they pay extra unwillingly. Because a majority of them don’t know about the packages offered by different travel companies to them. Qibla Travels is also one of the best companies who is providing cheap Umrah packages and Hajj packages to clients. We are here to assist you with everything that you need and required to for your cheapest Umrah packages. There are three different kinds of packages available on our website. You can choose just according to your requirement.

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