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To introduce my office, Blissful Himalayan Tours & Trek is a registered and licensed tour operator in Bhutan. We are authorised byTourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and Licensed by Regional Trade & Industry Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan.


As everyone is aware of, Bhutan, also called the Land of Thunder Dragon and the Last Shangrila is located in Eastern Himalaya. The Kingdom of Bhutan is also the last surviving Mahayana Buddhism state on earth. Bhutan is a small kingdom well-known for its development philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH). This concept of GNH is coined by our His Majesty the 4th King of Bhutan way back in 1974 and thereafter, every single endeavor in the development and globalisation had been guided by this philosophy. 


Every year Bhutan draws around 100 thousand (approximately) tourists from all over the globe. Until today, all tourists visiting Bhutan found their visit very satisfying. Breathing fresh air, tasting sparkling Himalayan spring water, sighting green environment, animals, birds, of Himalayan region, experiencing unique culture and traditions, communicating with people from the Land of Happiness, lifting yourself to the top peaks of Himalaya and glancing the Great Indian Plains, are some of the descriptions by tourists at the time they leave. Some find it very difficult to leave the Kingdom of attachments. In nutshell, Bhutan creates a space in your heart.

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