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You can plan and book excursions and trips conveniently online, in Hettstedt at the Kosmetikpoint Spengler, or we will visit you at your home (only aviable in Saxony-Anhalt).
Contract us via Email. We will then get in touch with you quickly during our business hours.
All important information on our prices and services can be found here or further down the page. Once tyou signed the agreement  and successfully added our client information,  you will be able to access all of our portfolio. From well-known tour operators, excursions to ferry tickets and much more. Book your trips from anywhere in the world!
 Our business hours:
Mon.-Fri. 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. CET
Sat. Sun. & holidays closed
Have you already booked? Here you can enter your individual travel code and view your booked services:
At the bottom of the page you will also find the link to download the My Travel Data App.
We look forward to working with you in the future to create your dream trips.
Prices & Services
Just as you consult professionals for insurance or finance, working with a travel professional can make you more comfortable with your planned travels and give you important hints and tips along the way. Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the travel industry has moved a lot and is constantly changing. Therefore, it is essential to be well informed! Our services are exclusively provided within the framework of german law for travel services (§ 675 BGB).
Your fastest options with us:
BASIS rate (without consultation): your quick booking option ->send advisor contract with customer details -> send booking via booking request -> receive offer (within 72h) -> book (no advice or adjustments included in this service).
BASIS tariff ( with consultation ): if you need more advise for your trip ( with arrangements over several days, queries, renewed changes to offers (up to 5 travel proposals) we charge a service fee of 49,99,-€ on the trip (based on a consultation time of 1h). For further additional work, we subsequently charge the reduced service fee of 24,00,-€ per hour after consultation with you and at your discretion.
 One request per week in the BASIS tariff is free of charge:
After concluding the consultancy agreement, each client can book flights, trips, etc. in the BASIS tariff via the booking request on the website by clicking on "-to the request-". Only one enquiry per customer can be made per week! You will receive a fixed offer after 72 hours in the morning, which is then valid for the booking until one hour before closing time.
BONUS: If you travel for more than 1500,-€ in the current year, you can automatically upgrade to the LIGHT tariff level free of charge. The annual fee for this tariff is also waived for the following business year! There are similar reductions for other tariffs. The levels in the table apply (see advisory contract).

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