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Clovatel PMS technology is designed to meet the needs and expectations of any size hotel, whether it is a five-star or a boutique hotel. A hotel is a complex system that includes the activities of many departments, and each operation must be accurately tracked.A modern technology that provides functionality regardless of the size of the property, the main goal is to meet the expectations and demands of every traveler.Automating all areas of the hotel with support for any size hotel integrated with various systems to create an all in one platform with the front desk serving as a centralized dashboard to track reservations, check-ins, housekeeping, self-service kiosk, and all other list of services in real time management. This is crucial to achieve customer satisfaction and providing quality and reliable service combined with multiple works in a single platform 

Self –service kioskis here to stay.  Long queues arebecoming the thing of the past. Travelers appreciate the versatility that the self-service technology provides during their stay particularly with the global pandemic on the rise.  A personalized service that enhanced customer satisfaction. Travelers can stop waiting in lines and filling out paperwork which is not the case with a self-service kiosk integrated with contactless check and checkout capabilities.Travelers can check in at the kiosk using facial recognition, providing identification, booking id or scanning their passport which eliminates the need for travelersto hover around the front desk for assistance.  Once the formalities are completed, payment is done digitallyand a digital room key access is issued. Upgrades and other facilities are also available via the kiosk.Guests can proceed direct to their rooms with no human interaction.This is beneficial for exhausted travelers who are looking for a hassle-free experience upon arrival after a long journey.

A revolution that benefits both the hotel and the travelers. 

Clovatel housekeeping app personalized to meet the hotel’s needs while remaining user-friendly.  The day-to-day activities of hotels are revolutionized by this technology.  All housekeeping activities are monitored and documented in real time with this technology ensuring a more efficient approach and maintaining the hygiene level for all rooms.

Clovatel Room service app, a technology that allows guests to use their smartphone or tablet to access all hotel facilities. With an instant update, guests can use the app to order services, make transactions, book appointments, request room service, and more. An automation that makes everyone's life easier. 

Clovatel’ s mobile-enabled room access is integrated with a keyless system, allowing guests to access their rooms using their mobile with a secured Bluetooth technology.

Clovatel smart room app incorporated with customized room controls.  A platform that allow guests to monitor lightings, curtains, air-conditioning and even TV from their smart phone providing overall comfort and making their stay memorable.

Visitor management app, a contactless solution prioritizing safety,security and social distancing asan essential step during this Covid-19 pandemic.    Temperature and face sensors mobilized at the entrance to detect temperatures.  The web dashboard generates QR code to be displayed at the check-in area saving time and reducing congestion. 

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