Vakantie Verhuur Nederland. Your favorite holiday home!

Zonegge, 119, 119, 119
Zevenaar, 6903 EB
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Do you own a holiday home in the Netherlands and you're looking to generate more bookings, so you get the maximum return rapidly from renting your house  then put your property on Vacation Rentals Netherlands .

Do you have a villa, apartment , cottage , bungalow , Bed & Breakfast , houseboat , gypsy wagon , XL property or other recreation and want to showcase it to a wide international audience than VVN is the ideal partner to generate more sales.

In addition, you pay no ( 0 % ) commission for each booking, which you earn through Vacation Rentals Netherlands . All applications so go directly to the homeowner and you stand at all times in direct contact with your potential tenants

Vacation Rentals Netherlands is a user-friendly do-it - yourself website where homeowners can quickly and easily add and manage one or more holiday accommodations to promote them successfully.

Visitors and travelers can search, compare, book or reserve there favorite vacation rental home  through the Holiday Rental Netherlands website

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