When you move to New Zealand you will need to become familiar with our road rules. These are contained in the Road Code. The easiest way to learn the road rules is to use our free practise tests. They are available for car, motorbike and heavy vehicle.

When you go to change your driver's licence some drivers will need to take a theory test (based on the Road Code) and a practical test, depending on where you got your overseas driving licence.

You can legally drive in NZ for 12 months if you hold a full overseas licence of the same class as the vehicle you want to drive in NZ. If your licence isn't in English you must get an approved translation to English. You must carry your licence with you at all times when driving.

Our roads are of variable quality from five-lane motorway down to single lane unsealed tracks. There are still many unsealed roads in commonly used tourist areas. 

New Zealanders drive on the left. The maximum speed is 100kph on motorways and expressways and 50kph in urban areas, unless signposted differently. There are both fixed and movable speed cameras and some of them are hidden.

Outside of the main urban centres you will find mostly single carriageway roads with the occasional passing lane. Watch out for livestock on the road in farming areas, logging trucks, one-way bridges and railway crossings without lights or barrier arms.

Vehicles must be registered each year and have a current Warrant of Fitness (due every year for cars first registered after 1 January 2000 and every 6 months for cars older than 1 January 2000).

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