Nicks Detailing & Ceramic Coatings

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Brownsburg, 46112
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  1. Lower Cost. Not having a shop with overhead and not having additional employees is a significant saving to a business. I pass that savings on to you.

  2. Better Quality. Sometimes when you have multiple people working on a vehicle things can get overlooked. Running this business myself gives me complete control over what sections I work on and when I work on them. There are also a lot of detailers out there who don't keep up with trends or don't know how to accurately handle a stain on the interior or don't know how to remove a scratch on the exterior, etc. By always doing continuing education and staying up on the latest trends I can assure you my work will always beat the competition.

  3. No "Chain" Mentality. Being a small locally owned business gives me an opportunity to interact with my customers on a personal level. You'll always feel like a friend when visiting.

  4. Clear and Easy to Understand Menu. Have you ever gone on a website for a detailer only to be utterly confused by the 50 different services they offer? Not to mention the fact you have no idea what so of the language means? I offer a very slim menu that is easy to understand while also giving you the ability to email me for a custom quote. I don't want to confuse or overwhelm my customer, I want to educate them and make them feel confident in their choices.

  5. High-End Products. I only use premium products when working on a customer's vehicle. Some of the names I frequently use are Rupes, Blackfire, and the Renny Doyle colletion. I also use premium microfiber towels to ensure no scratches or imperfections are made while working on the vehicle.

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