Preztigez Asia Private Limited

Singapore, 573971

ABOUT PREZTIGEZ ASIA Since 2001, the founders of Preztigez Asia (PA) have accumulated over 10 years of experience in valet operations and limousine services. In 2011, Preztigez Asia focused its direction towards hotels, entertainment spots, events and restaurants. PA's group of dedicated staff is carefully filtered – with a minimum of 2 years of valet experience and/or other transport related services and with good driving track records. We have since then employed over 40 active drivers. 

PERSONALIZE THE GUEST EXPERIENCE – VALET SERVICES VALETS are the ones who are responsible for creating your customer experience, and they need to know in real-time how things are going, so they can resolve issues when they come up and learn how to improve in the future. The main advantage of valet parking is convenience. Customers don't have to walk from a distant parking spot carrying heavy loads. Many handicapped drivers rely on valet parking when they can't walk from and to a distant parking spot. Likewise, people who don't have time to search for a parking spot can valet park without the hassle. Valet parking is especially convenient during bad weather – when parking is scarce and comfort is of utmost priority. Most professional valet attendants are well insured, and knowledgeable about nearly every make and model of car and their quirks; including after market alarm systems, keyless ignitions. 

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