Most of the Peoples think that developing an ecommerce store is a challenging process which can be done only either by professional developers and designers or with lot of investment towards the development process. Well it’s a total misconception when it comes to webnexs wcomm.

Wcomm is a product of webnexs which offers ecommerce development solution without any uphill process. Wcomm divides their plans according to the features and prices. They are Startup, SMB and Enterprises. Apart from variety of plans they offers upto 130+ themes and enriched with 100+ features.

Wcomm plans starts with $19/ INR 999 per month and SMB plans start with $749/INR 49,999. SMB plans are mainly designed for the customer who seeking to do serious business. SMB plans are more customizable than Startup plans.

The third plan is enterprise plan. In this plan wcomm will try to bring up the store solely based on your specification. So that the price of this plan is remain undisclosed. This plan is mainly for the people who want to establish business over internet.

Wcomm is loaded with features to make your E-Business better. Some of the features are like unlimited products management, product images, Customer management, 90+ Payment Gateway, automated Timely Backup, Shipping Management, Order Management, award winning support, inbuilt  blog and SEO optimization.

For more information about Wcomm visit their product page.


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