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At Exelon IT Solutions, we are a talented team of designers, hard code developers, Social Media Experts, , project managers and business developers to work in a collaborative approach on our client projects. We as a team working together generate great outcomes for projects.

Our staff and our services expanded over years with slow and steady growth over years to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers. Along the way we have never stopped evolving.

Exelon IT Solutions known for passionate and experienced people; we love where we work and what we do. We are focused on one service: Mobile app Development, web design and development or Social Media Marketing.


At Exelon IT Solutions we have an unyielding commitment to serving our customers and evolving quickly so we can bring the innovation that is demanded in a rapidly changing world. We hire the best people, we invest in our systems and technology, we never cut corners, we utilize the best technical infrastructure and we openly recognize that our people are our greatest asset.

We believe that a great working environment delivers better results. No customer is too small and every client is important to us. We will continue to provide great service at a cost-effective price and as always, we will deliver upon our commitments.


  • To build strong alliances with our customers and staff
  • To provide services we are certain to deliver
  • Through the delivery of our services, make our customers’ businesses better
  • To constantly innovate
  • To be a positive, dynamic and professional organization


We help companies of all sizes build products and deliver services that complement their goals. From Social Media Marketing executions to fully fledged web applications, we can do it all. Our team allows us to be nimble and get work done fast – without the usual bloat most companies have.

We will always encourage our clients to be bold, dream big, and try to have a little fun along the way.


We know from experience that complex projects are vulnerable to becoming long, drawn-out, and even painful experiences. We as a team make it easy to reduce these inefficiencies and roll out a higher quality services, faster.

Our methodology is different for each client, but we always start by creating a blueprint with outlined steps to reach success.

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