Hello to you all! Did you know that using your home Cell network for calls and data will be very expensive when you arrive in the UK? My company brightfone.com specialises in sending FREE Sims from any UK network (or we can choose the best deal for you) to customers globally for those who want to benefit from cheaper calls and data usage once they get arrive in the United Kingdom, The Sim card is FREE which the only cost you pay is for postage (£2.49GBP / $3.99 USD) or you can add Top up credit if you wish and we will  preload your Sim card with credit so when you arrive you are ready to go.   There is no contract and you only Top up for what you want to use, or if you prefer we can send a FREE Sim and post FREE to any UK address so that you Sim is with you when you arrive in the UK. please take a look at my website called www.brightfone.com

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