RokVox Unlimited International Calling

RokVox gives you UNLIMITED international calls across the world to 87 countries using your phone, and the best part – no calling cards, WiFi, PINs, switching SIM cards or having to make sure your friends and family are on the same network. Just pick up your mobile phone or landline and dial.

We don’t cap your minutes and you can cancel at anytime but we hope you'll agree, there's no better value way to make international calls.

  • Call 87 countries including India, Poland, China, USA, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, Cyprus, Indonesia, Lithuania and more!
  • You can use RokVox to call landlines and most mobile networks in these 87 countries
  • Use your existing mobile phone or landline
  • No complicated pence per minutes rates for different countries, one simple fixed monthly payment for UNLIMITED international calls
  • Talk for as long as you want.

We set out to make international calling from the UK easier and at a lower cost for everyone.  With RokVox we’re doing just that.

Make your first international call today with RokVox.

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