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What is Internet via satellite?

Satellite Internet is a state of the art technology for accessing the broadband Internet in locations, regions and countries where terrestrial telecommunications infrastructures are limited or null, as rural and remote areas. In a city it is an alternative to the usual network in order to avoid bottlenecks due to saturation of the conventional lines and its limited bandwidth, or also as a back-up solution for critical connections as it is the only completely independent network. Its coverage is very large, exceeding ADSL or fiber/cable scope

Dont have a landline in Spain ?ce via satellite with 100% coverage and the best rates.

If you are in a rural area and can´t get a Telefonica line installed this system is the perfect solution.

If you have a Telefonica Trac phone and you tired of slow dial up internet then this is also the perfect solution. And you can also keep your existing telefone number to this system and cancel your Trac phone totally.

Transfer your Trac phone number or Get a New Number plus benift from the Calling packages below

Now you can enjoy a phone fixed line, so that you can keep your current local phone number or get a new number. Choose the service plan that best suits your needs, flat rates plans or pay-as-you-go. You can really forget the traditional landline as it is no longer necessary. You have a fully independent service via satellite with 100% coverage and the best rates.


Can I get this service in my area?

Yes this service is available with up to 4Mbps anywhere Westen Europe, Iberian Peninsula, Balearic Islands,Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla. it is also available in North Africa and West Africa.

Is there a download or upload limit?

All packages Unlimited allow unlimited download. To ensure service quality and prevent it of abusive users that could damage the quality of your connection, these services are subject to dynamic control of bandwidth named FUP Fair Use Policy. All other GB packages are volume limited. No FUP is applied within the GB modalities.

Services packages denominated by GB have a limited monthly volume of associated data. If you want to consume a larger volume of data you can always order more volume by getting extra GB on demand at any time (login into your private area), as well as purchase the FREEZONE service for daily off-peak time from 23:00 to 7:00 (CET), where you can download/send all the data you want, every night without limits, whether your monthly GB are used up completely or not.


Yes , equipment and installation is completely FREE of charge , all you need to pay is the one off connection charge of 39€ 





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