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ASG in Johannesburg is passionate about helping your business with proactive flat-rate IT support services. We are specifically designed to reduce costs, increase profits and ensure your business is not at risk when it comes to technology. Our team of professionals have the capability to offer IT technical support by becoming your virtual CIO and IT departments, allowing you to focus more on running your business and not your technology.

ASG customers can reduce expenses by paying a set monthly fee that is scalable to your business. This level of certainty when it comes to IT system support means you’ll never be faced with unforeseen IT costs.

If your business is currently running anywhere from 10 to 250 PCs, the ASG team can provide you with a comprehensive and all-inclusive solution. As respected providers of IT support services, we pride ourselves on delivering affordable, top rated expertise to your company, ensuring that your business is always operating at its peak.

Why choose ASG over other IT companies?

We have over 80 companies that outsource their IT to us, where they show continuous appreciation for how we give our full attention to them and their business when they need their IT problems fixed and fixed quickly, and that is mainly because of our professional, speedy and comprehensive service. We have found other IT Companies to maintain a swift service but quite often forget to maintain their quality and professionalism.
That is where our years of experience and knowledge is continuously helping companies with our team of 40+ trained IT professionals behind them to ensure that no matter how many problems arise we are there to solve it and at the same time ensure that we are consolidating IT spend while keeping their IT infrastructure running at optimal condition.

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