Umbee Limited is a global provider of Cloud Solutions & Services to SME businesses.  Our approach is ‘niche’ in the industry, being highly customer focused and engaging to not only provide an initial solution but in addition, to provide on-going services which have been predetermined from the start via our flexible close collaboration and engagement process.
Umbee is ‘passionate’ about our industry, delivering great services and doing fantastic business, we excel in specialist expertise which is underpinned by a multitude of best business practices and proven methodologies. Our staff are all massively motivated, fully certified and represent the best of the best.  We are ISO 27001 accredited and we own and operate our high-end hardware and have rack footprints in three UK data-centres and an additional two in the USA.
Our goal is to exceed customer expectations without exception, we never compromise on quality and we keep our solutions aggressively affordable.

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