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If you have a new member on your staff, it's easy to share all your business contacts. Or if you need to transfer contact data from one account to another, Smart Contact Manager can do it in a single click, synchronizes all data, provides the ability to manage access rights and also has a nice design.


Web-programming today is a separate direction in the development of systems for network use. As a global - on the Internet, and more narrowly - in a closed (Intranet) network of organizations. What gives the use of web-technologies in system development?


First, it is the minimum requirements to the client part of the application. For work any computer having access to a network with the installed web-browser is enough. Neither the configuration of the client machine or installed on it the operating system does not matter. The entire load rests solely on the server. This fully implements the ideology of the client-server thin client technology.


Stages of programming


  • Getting to know each other, forming a common vision, pre-project analysis and study of customer expectations
  • Drawing up a detailed technical specification
  • Programming - step-by-step technical implementation
  • Deployment of software


Advantages of using web-systems


Web - it's not just websites and all kinds of online stores. Based on web-technology today can be developed software system of almost any complexity: encrypted document management systems, automated trade and control activities of the organization, banking systems, call center - the workplace of the head to control all the flows of the company and much more. To work with such applications you do not need to install or set up anything on your computer. You open your browser, go to the start page of the system, log in and get access to all the features of the application! You can work without losing precious time and do only what you need to work and nothing more!


You can operate web-systems in the local network of your organization as well as on the Internet. Systems encryption of data and network traffic will ensure protection from unauthorized access.


Here are the obvious advantages of systems with a web-interface:


  • Independence of client's hardware and software platform (operation on all families of operating systems is possible).
  • Minimal requirements to employees' computers (network terminals are enough).
  • Wide range of operation options.
  • Minimum network traffic between the client and the server.


Development of Web-based systems in Smart Contact Manager


During development of web-oriented systems we use the most advanced technologies of today. Any traditional system can be developed in web preserving all its old features. The system with software interface, when developed in the web, will take all the advantages of such technologies, opening up new advantages in use. Like a traditional software platform, the web-platform will be developed according to your technical project, will reflect all the subtleties of business processes and give at the output exactly the effective result that you expected!


In general, we can confidently say that the use of web-technology to create the information infrastructure of the modern office provides excellent results, both in terms of financial impact, and in terms of system functionality. In this regard, software development in this area is becoming one of the promising areas in which most companies specializing in systems integration, IT outsourcing, software development, etc.


Therefore, it is very important for the customer to choose a company capable of providing a comprehensive solution with maximum account of the individual customer's business peculiarities. One of the key points in this case is the development of databases, most fully reflecting the structural and business peculiarities of the client company. Development of programs and creation of databases for the implementation of web-technologies as part of the information infrastructure, we carry out with the use of such a configuration, which is most suitable in each case. Therefore, we are able to offer our customers the best solutions based on an individual approach.


In conclusion a few words


Smart Contact Manager is a team of experienced professionals, for whom custom software development is not just a source of income, but an activity in which each team member is interested. We are happy to present our company and our products on Justlanded. We hope that all interested people will benefit from it.

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