Pepper Network VoIP Service Providers

Pepper Network: Our Advanced technology allows us to monitor your traffic in real time and our impressive automated routing ensures use of the best carriers while maximizing highest margins.

Your phone carrier is a mirrored image of your commercial enterprise. it is critical. it really is why we use redundant servers, routers, Tier 1 internet connections, and upstream carriers to offer an incredibly reliable VoIP provider.

Our platform is geographically distributed (patented) in 2 renowned information facilities — uk and Hong Kong — to guard towards a sub optimal event in a single place.

We additionally route calls to avoid provider hops on every occasion viable for maximum first-rate. nowadays, clients connect to us through 600+ precise ISPs and are rarely extra than a single hop away.

We have grown the enterprise to move tens of millions of minutes of voice traffic per month

and we intend to growth this 4-fold over the next several months.

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