ICT Innovations is a a team of open source telephony professionas with more than 5 years working experience in telecom industry

We provide solutions and services based on re-known open source applications like Asterisk, ICTFAX,ICTInvoice Freepbx ,A2billing, Freeswitch, Astbill and Opensips, have in depth experience of working with with LAMP platform and Open Source Content Management System Drupal.

We have contributed following open source projects to community 

ICTFAX http://www.ictfax.org

ICTDialer http://www.ictdialer.org

ICTInvoice http://www.ictinnovations.com 

Also we have developed ICTBroadcast, a commercial open source appliction ,

ICTBroadcast is web based multi tenant sms, fax , voice broadcasting solution for service providers to offer broadcasting services to their clients, It features smart autodialler , smart predictive dialer and Inbound campaign support 

Please visit following link for more details 


Service Description

We support and provide services to open source telephony applications like Elastix, A2billing ,FreePBX, ICTInvoice, ICTFAX and Drupal


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