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 This will save you money, for not having to buy water, from the super, save time, gasoline, do not accumulate garbage and do not contaminate with plastic. Health is a priority! This device has a separate tap, to be able to use water for drinking or cooking. The money you spend to buy the water, spend it on this machine that will be yours forever. It has between 10 and 25 years of warranty. Installation included in the price. Your children and you will drink healthy water as many times as you want because you will never run out of water! Your food will now be more tasty, without lime or other waste and impurities. Save on your expenses Interesting prices in cash. But it can be financed too. 2 Available models: one under the sink and another on top. Ask for more information! Do you allow 40 € monthly for your health and of your beloved ones?

  With the same use to drink hot or cold water, we have the SOURCES dispensers of water, but without the need to buy large bottles of water and be able to save on your purchases. Our devices are connected directly to the water pipe, doing the same water purification work to your liking and palate. This device can be put in the kitchen or anywhere where there is a pipe nearby. It is not necessary to do work and the installation is included in the price. AND IF SOMEONE CHANGES YOUR ADDRESS, YOU CAN TAKE ANY OF OUR APPLIANCES / DEVICES WITH YOU EVEN IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. IT WILL DISPOSE OF TECHNICAL SERVICE GO WHERE YOU GO. OUR PRODUCTS CARRY GUARANTEE BETWEEN 10 AND 25 YEARS OLD. Perfect for offices and homes.


. Another device that my company has for a correct and very effective cleaning of the pools. Our device acts as a water softener and purifying, anti-algae with a 25 year warranty, installation included in the price. What does guarantee 25 years mean? That this time does not have to change the water after each summer, saving in this way expenses for owners, save and spend the money for other purposes if you wish. Will it put an end to the approach of the wasps that bothers everyone, to the bad smell of the chlorine that stings the eyes, will end the green color due to the algae that form at the edge of the pools and gives a dirty image of the water and goodbye to the fat that comes off each body since we use creams or tanning oils?


 Saline chlorination is a system that has been the definitive solution for the disinfection of water in swimming pools, both public and private.It is a process in which common salt (sodium chloride) is added to the pool water and, through our THAYS electrical appliance, the sodium chlorine is separated. Chlorine disinfects water and reconnects with sodium, repeating the cycle indefinitely.


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