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Searching for home inspection Nanaimo? Our home inspection company, Nanaimo Home Inspection, provides all the services you need for receiving a quality inspectors report. Our checklist is demanding and detailed, as we inspect everything from the soil under the foundation to the shingles on the roof for building code defects and hazards. Everything from cockroaches and asbestos to creaky floorboards and structural support are diligently inspected with a keen eye. Since 1998 our business of private home inspectors has been working in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada helping buyers, sellers and renters negotiate final prices for real estate. Whether you\'re looking to buy a commercial building or a residential property--pre-offer, pre-purchase, etc--we\'re here for you! We know what it\'s like to find real estate where the buying offer is too good to be true. Something must be wrong, and it\'s our job to find it, which often means the price should be even lower. Like true detectives, we scour through the property checking everything on our inspector\'s checklist until there\'s nothing else to find. From the pool and outbuildings to the insulation in the attic, we\'ll be inspecting away. Helping buyers renegotiate final buying prices with the owner and realtors is what we do best, and we have decades of experience in doing it. Being born in Nanaimo BC, we feel obliged to provide the best service we possibly can. And not all our clients are buyers of buildings. We have marine surveyors on our team to provide quality boat inspection, environmental inspectors to comb for hidden hazards and vermin and pest experts who know the ins and outs of rats, fleas and other such unwanted substance. For a house inspection it\'s important to check the ohms in the electrical system, the state of the drywall, water damage and other things a real estate agent won\'t reveal during a brief tour. Before buying a house you want to get the facts straight. It\'s not often we get the chance to purchase a new property, especially having the pleasure to do so in beautiful Nanaimo, so take this moment to consider hiring home inspectors who can benefit you and your decisions in the optimal way. If we find defects and things of concern during our inspection, we won\'t hold back from criticism and we\'ll help you in choosing the best choices and steps to take next. So let\'s do this! Call (778) 653-8315 now!

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