Building Dilapidation Surveys and Reports

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Before demolition, excavation or construction works commences beside another structure it is important that a thorough dilapidation report is carried out to record the structural condition in case the proposed works causes damage to the adjoining property. We are not just photographers, we have an in depth knowledge of building defects and their causes.

Our reports can be relied upon to settle any potential disputes regarding the condition of a property after construction works is completed. Building Dilapidations can carry out your inspection quickly and efficiently. We will respond to your enquiry immediately. You will have your report in your hands several days after we gain access to the property to carry out our inspection. 

The survey identifies and records any structural defects present before adjoining works commence. Sometimes neighbouring properties sustain cracking and other damage caused by vibration, construction works, excavation, soil dewatering and demolition.

It is important to have an independent, comprehensive report that will help limit problems or disputes between contractors and property owners. Our reports will give you peace of mind and quickly resolve arguments with other parties.

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